Latest Updates for Middle Office, Fund Administrators & Auditors

1Token CAM Updates: What's New in Versions 2.138-2.143 for Crypto Fund Middle Office, Crypto Fund Admin & Audtiors

Latest Updates for Middle Office, Fund Administrators & Auditors

1. General Improvements:

    1. Export Center Upgrade: Supports exporting large data files (billions of records level), including modules like records and reconciliation reports, solving the bottleneck of exporting large data volumes for large-scale institutions.

2. Market Data:

    1. Enhanced underlying structure of various cryptocurrency information, better maintaining currency-related information, easier for bookkeeping and tracking new updated cryptos.
    2. Supports mainstream exchange trading pair contract expiration dates and settlement currencies, aiding users in effectively planning their cash flow and investment strategies.
    3. Provides access to historical data of major fiat currencies since October 2022, which customers can use for market trend analysis, economic research, or as a basis for currency trading.

3. PnL:

    1. Enables querying of a single fund’s cash flow for subsequent calculations or understanding the changes in all cash holdings. This feature assists in fund auditing and administration by retrieving comprehensive business activities of client companies. It facilitates attribution analysis of the client's PnL, as well as the calculation of key metrics such as realized and unrealized PnL for spot and contract trading, and various fees.

4. Fund Solution:

    1. Helping Allocators clients view the overall investment returns and distribution of managed funds, integrating all investment groups to see the data can utilize this feature.The homepage supports customizing multi-portfolio data summaries for analyzing assets, earnings, and trading volumes.
    2. Integration of individual portfolio data and functions. A single page allows for convenient analysis and business processing, designed an integrated interface that allows clients to collectively view frequently used key pages, greatly enhancing information retrieval efficiency.

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