Partnership Announcement: 1Token Partners with dYdX

Partnership Announcement: 1Token Partners with dYdX

1Token is proud to announce the partnership with dYdX, leading crypto derivatives decentralized exchange, as the 1st portfolio and risk management system that integrates dYdX exchange.

The partnership shows 1Token’s commitment to institutional clients, by ensuring coverage to all venues in crypto, especially in the DeFi area.

The partnership also shows dYdX’s growing adoption among the institutional market.

With 1Token’s relevant functions, dYdX’s users can track, monitor and analyze activities in dYdX via API credentials, together with other CeFi and DeFi venues.

– Portfolio Management System (PMS)

1Token crypto PMS tracks trading performance portfolios across multiple instruments and venues, providing table and graphic views to visualize portfolio balance and positions, net asset value, PnL etc. in real-time.

– Risk Management System (RMS)

1Token crypto RMS sets comprehensive risk rules including NAV drawdown, gross and net exposure, leverage ratio, liquidation risk, trading scope etc. for clients to customize their own thresholds.

Risk rules are monitored in real-time and once a threshold is triggered, 1Token system alerts internal and external users via multiple channels (Telegram, Slack as well as email, phone call, SMS).

– Analysis, Accounting and Reporting

1Token generates reports on key performance and risk metrics like PnL, NAV, VaR, Sharpe ratio etc.

1Token supports fund accounting by maintaining investor shares (transfer agent), maintaining fund balance sheet by evaluating fund assets and liabilities, calculating fund NAV per share after deducting management fee and performance fee, and reporting to regulators and investors.

1Token makes trade reconciliation for fund administration and audit purposes, by keeping historical balances/ positions, and transactions general ledger from 100+ trading venues.

About dYdX

dYdX will soon launch the next version if its protocol, the dYdX Chain. dYdX is a leading decentralized exchange that currently supports perpetual trading. dYdX runs on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to trade with no intermediaries.

dYdX has been building an open platform for advanced crypto financial products, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike the common Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, dYdX uses an order book model that supports spot trading, margin trading, and contract trading. By using an off-chain order book and on-chain settlement, the dYdX protocol aims to create a powerful and professional exchange in which traders can enjoy privacy and decentralization benefits, and also efforts to empower traders worldwide.

About 1Token

1Token is the all-in-one financial software for crypto institutions, supporting 20+ Blockchains, 100+ Defi protocols, and 80+ CeFi & traditional trading venues.

1Token software supports all crypto assets in CeFi and DeFi, including spots, futures, options, fixed / variable income products, SAFT, POW / POS mining, staking /yield farming, NFT etc., as well as traditional assets such as stocks / FX / ETFs etc.

1Token’s institutional clients spread across all verticals of crypto-finance, including buy-side institutions in asset managementfund / FoF / MoM, foundation / exchange treasuryfund admin, audit etc., and sell-side institutions in lending, margin trading, prime brokerage, retail brokerage, spot OTC, derivative OTC, etc.

For each specific business vertical, 1Token provides an end-to-end solution that supports front-to-back office technology in sales & trading, OEMS, portfolio and risk management, pricing / product structuring, accounting, clearing & settlement, etc., and multi-department usage for sales / trading / risk / operation / finance teams all at once.

Today, 1Token serves 40+ large global institutions, with top profiles like Algorand Foundation, Amber Group, Animoca Brands, FBG Capital, Matrixport, Metalpha, Pintu, Zipmex, and 4 of the Top 7 CMC exchanges, etc., which in total exceed $20+ bn asset managed.