Can MEME Coins Make Solana Great Again?

While Bitcoin ETFs experience outflows despite a stable price around $60,000, the Solana-based meme coins BOME and SLERF drive market excitement with their volatility, and SOL surpasses BNB as the third-largest non-stablecoin, buoyed by DeFi expansion.

Can MEME Coins Make Solana Great Again?

BTC drop

Just last weekend I saw a comment: on Friday BTC price dropped even though there was over $100 million net inflow into BTC ETF.While in this week most of the days, BTC ETF has net outflows, so BTC price is not going up and even approached $60k.Could this signal the end of the bullish market? Or just taking a break before the new ATH? I personally believe it's the latter, because there's still halving to come.

MEME is good, SOL is better, MEME on SOL is the best

BOME, the latest MEME coin, created a legend of fortune after getting listed on Binance Someone claimed to have turned 1 SOL into 1 million USDT.Now a new MEME coin called SLERF also on Solana chain just drew everyone's attention, because the founder accidentally burned the LPs and tokens that were set aside for airdrop. CEX smelled the next BOME, and announced SLERF immediately.

And BOME price dropped (most likely went to SLERF)

If you reflect seriously, MEME is nothing but consensus, but is Bitcoin not based on just consensus?So frens, let's just enjoy the MEME party and load some easy money, why so serious? YOLO so just FOMO!

SOL flipped BNB as 3rd largest coin

While BNB price is boosted by non-stop Launchpool programs, SOL price is just pumping even harder - now it's the 3rd largest non-stable coin . And those Solana eco-system coins are also pumped hard, PYTH, BONK, and the latest BOME!

This could possibly implicate:

  • CeFi is being replaced by DeFi
  • Highly centralized DeFi (SOL) has its own value proposition (SOL's market value outweighs)

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