Base and Uniswap's Momentum Boost ETH's Performance

Base and Uniswap's Momentum Boost ETH's Performance

UniswapX live on Uniswap website

Uniswap announced UniswapX is live on the Uniswap Interface. Users can just use on

What's UniswapX? Last July Uniswap announced a cross-chain best price routing product to be launched, where

  • Every trade is smartly routed to ensure the best outcome:
  • If UniswapX gives you the best price, your trade will be routed through UniswapX
  • Otherwise, it will route through Uniswap v2 or v3

Besides best price execution, there are additional benefits

  • MEV Protection
  • No-cost gas fees
  • No costs for failed transactions

ETH defending 0.05 to BTC

This week the market price is quite weak, when the market is weak ETH seems to be relatively weaker than BTC.There were a few times where ETC/BTC drops below 0.05, but then quickly fixed itself to above 0.05. Clearly there's a price support there.

From trading theory, if the support gets broken eventually, the support will become a press when price is getting up again. With more and more institutions showing pessimism about ETH spot ETF being approved next month, I personally think it'll drop below 0.05, and this would be a long term pressing price level.

Base Chain Growth

Inspired by &'s ETH L2 blockchain Base chain's transactions have gone parabolic.

A lot of it is driven by Uniswap trading - the clear #1 in both users and transactions.

1Token’s Service

Rooted from crypto quant trading, 1Token has the unique trading know-how and technology capabilities to build

  • Up-to-date and high confidence connection to all crypto trading venues, across DeFi and CeFi
  • Top-down, bottom-up crypto P&L calculations, and crypto fund reconciliation of top-down and bottom-up results
  • Real-time crypto trading metrics calculation, monitor and alerts tailor-made for different types of crypto funds, crypto FoFs and crypto prime brokers
  • T+0 crypto shadow NAV accounting system with subscription, redemption, dividend, cost accruals

1Token has been serving global digital asset managers, crypto fund platforms, crypto fund admins and crypto auditors, to enable them to conduct crypto related business without any concern on technology. 1Token is undertaking SOC2 audit, and provides on-premise deployment to regulated clients.

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