HTX Transforms into "People's Exchange"

HTX Transforms into "People's Exchange"


After the acquisition of Huobi and its rebranding to HTX, Justin Sun has announced the establishment of a new HTX DAO.

Considering Justin's exceptional marketing skills, there is a strong possibility of a significant surge that could potentially contribute to the growth of HTX, at least in the short term.

Justin Sun's slogan to the new HTX is "People's Exchange". This concept may sound familiar as it aligns with KuCoin's slogan. Meanwhile, Justin emphasizes that the exchange should be governed by the community, the new HTX DAO.

Additionally, it has been announced that the current HT token will no longer offer its existing benefits, resulting in a drop in its value, with the first drop occurring at the HTX DAO announcement.

Solana Mobile phone

Solana Mobile plans to launch a second smartphone as it looks to ride the unlikely success of its first crypto-ready smartphone.

The upcoming phone is essentially a coin miner, offering features such as airdrop and NFT minting. These functionalities have proven to be highly lucrative, surpassing the device's cost.

Furthermore, the first smartphone released by Solana Mobile has seen a surge in demand, with prices on platforms like eBay exceeding its initial retail price of $1,000.

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dYdX V4 taking over V3

Antonio, founder of dYdX, has annouced on twitter that the dYdX Chain is now the largest DEX in the world by trading volume (Surpassing dYdX v3).

This ranking can also be seen on Coinmarketcap DEX ranking.

Additionally, dYdX V4 has enabled fiat onramp with partners like Kado.

It's becoming a fully fledged perpetual swap exchange operating in a decentralized way. It's still interesting to see how they can prevent US citizens or entities from trading on dYdX.

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