<strong>Demystifying NFT Price Oracle</strong>

By William Lee, Huobi Tech The Introduction The NFT market has boomed since the rise of crypto art in early 2021, especially after the concept of “metaverse” swept the world. According to NFTGO, the NFT market capitalization reached around $38.7 billion in January 2022, increased nearly 500 times from a year earlier, with daily trading […]

Crypto Fund 101: Accounting and Reconciliation for Crypto Funds

Author: Phil, 1Token Background This article is 1Token Crypto fund 101 series. According to previous articles, crypto funds are similar to traditional funds in fund structure and basic portfolio classification. Fund accounting, the measurement of fund performance, applies to crypto funds as well as traditional funds, whether fund is raised from public or private, invested […]

Crypto Funds 101: Fund Classification and Compliance Operations (Part 2) 

Author: Author: Yixuan Huang, BD Director; Phil Yang, Head of BD   In Part I of the Crypto Funds 101 article, we discussed a high-level overview of crypto funds, introducing typical types of crypto funds in today’s increasingly regulated crypto market by investment strategy, trading frequency and source of capital.  Refer to Part I at: https://blog.1token.tech/2022/05/31/crypto-funds-101-fund-classification-and-compliance-operations/ […]

Liquidity Crisis in Crypto Lending, What Should We Learn?

Author: Edic, Phil, 1Token   Lending has been one of the core fundamental financial services provided by institutions like commercial banks by matching the market supply and demand of fixed income and liquidity in an economy. In 2022, the global debt market is expected to reach US$7.83 trillion, seeing a YoY increase of 10.8% from […]

Crypto Funds 101: Fund Classification and Compliance Operations (Part I)

Author: Yixuan Huang, BD Director; Phil Yang, Head of BD Prelude: From Traditional Funds to Crypto Funds Broadly speaking, a fund is a pool of capital allocated toward a specific purpose. Common sources of capital include trusts, sovereign funds, insurance firms, and various types of foundations. However, investment decisions are made by fund GPs, who […]

Want to farm DeFi yield? Here’s what crypto financial institutions need to prepare

DeFi, the abbreviation of Decentralized Finance, in a broad sense refers to blockchain-based finance. Financial activities are conducted based on smart contracts based on blockchain rather than traditional financial institutions such as brokers, exchanges or banks. A narrow understanding of DeFi is liquidity mining (aka DeFi yield mining) in a decentralized market, a method of […]

Prime Brokerage in Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies have been on top lines recently. More and more institutions are popping into cryptocurrency market, who are either long established in traditional finance market, or startups rooted in this new area. An emerging business process is Prime Brokerage (PB). This article aims to explain the roles and functions of prime brokerage in cryptocurrency market.  […]

Crypto Structured Derivatives Business Framework and Process

Since Matrixport introduced crypto structured derivative products in Q3 2019, many companies followed and launched similar products. Structured derivatives are widely used by institutions, both in traditional finance and now in crypto assets.    Booming structured products    Various types of products have been created in the crypto market with specific yield curve. Investors, especially institutions with […]

Understanding the Institutional Market Structure of Cryptocurrencies and Its Asset Types

When it comes to the cryptocurrency market structure, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is ‘exchange’. In this series of articles however, I intend to elaborate on the broad institutional infrastructure and participants who perform important functions that cryptocurrency exchanges may not be fulfilling. Hence I’d like to really focus on such entities, which enable […]