Binance Launchpool Investment Strategy Shift and FTX Claim Notice

Binance Launchpool Investment Strategy Shift and FTX Claim Notice

Launchpool token price pattern changed on Binance

When it comes to Launchpool tokens, many participants choose to sell their 'free' tokens as soon as they hit their account. This is often due to the anticipation that the new token's price will reach its peak within the first hour, followed by a downward trend for several months, and only a very small number of tokens are likely to surpass their all-time high again.

This pattern can be observed in tokens like NFP (as seen in the 4-hour chart below). Selling early yields the best results.

In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift in the price patterns of new Launchpool tokens for the past three projects - MANTA, XAI, and AI. Contrary to previous expectations, these tokens have experienced their all-time high prices approximately one week after the start of trading, rather than within the first hour or day.

And the latest one Altlayer is even like:

This would require those project teams to prepare more funds to maintain the price, but if this pattern stays, there will be stronger reasons for retail users not to sell (even buy) on the first day, which would reduce the price maintenance pressure for project teams in the future.

OKB price crash

OKB, the native token of crypto exchange OKX, experienced a flash crash on January 23rd, plunging over 50% in value in just three minutes before stabilizing. The sudden drop in price, from $50.69 to a low of $25.10, caused a flurry of automatic liquidations of margined positions, leading to a brief period of intense volatility.

One sarcastic comment says: for such a $2.8 billion market cap ranking top 30 coin, just 1.5% of the liquid token dump, halfed the price.

Compensation will be provided to users who experienced losses as a result of abnormal liquidations, including users of flexible loan, margin trading and multicurrency trading products.

Meanwhile, on January 26th, OKX made an announcement:

As of 11:00 am UTC on January 26, 2024, we are adjusting the mark price we are using to calculate account adjustments in reference to the OKB price volatility issue from 48.36 USDT to 52.73 USDT. Funds will automatically be deposited into user accounts.

FTX claim noticing

2 emails from reached FTX investors on January 27th:

  • FTX – Your Amended Scheduled Claim
  • Notice of Extended Customer Bar Date for Certain FTX Customers
Please use the Confirmation ID listed above to review your claim information on the Kroll website at Alternatively, you may review your claim confirmation email from to review your claim submission. As explained further in the Notice, if certain Digital Asserts are missing or otherwise incorrectly listed in your previous claim submission, you will have until 4:00 p.m. (ET) on February 26, 2024 to submit a new customer proof of claim on account of such missing or otherwise incorrect Digital Assets. To do so, please login to the Customer Claims Portal at, review your holdings and submit an electronic proof of claim form via the Claims Agent’s electronic proof of claim platform so as to be received by 4:00 p.m. (ET) on February 26, 2024 (the “Amended Customer Bar Date”).

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