1Token supports crypto fund ML Tech on middle-back office system

Crypto Asset Management (CAM) system provider 1Token recently announced service agreement with US FinTech startup, ML Tech,establishing another footprint in North America. In specific, 1Token will provide crypto-asset-focused middle- and back-office system, including modules such as crypto portfolio management system (crypto PMS), crypto risk management system (crypto RMS), and live trade monitoring and alerts on flexible terms with user access hierarchies. 


Since its launch in 2020, 1Token CAM system has been supporting 20+ top financial institutions in crypto market, either independent institution or subsidiary of exchanges, across Asia, UK and North America, with total AUM over USD$5bn and daily trade volume over USD$3bn. 1Token CAM provides a mature system with tailor-made solution for: 1) buy-side institutions, such as quant teams / fund / FoF / MoM, cryptoasset manager, institutional DeFi investor / yield farmer, mining pool / institutional miner, RIAs; and 2) sellside institutions, such as prime brokerage, lending platform, structured product seller, OTC platform, and supports front- to back- office functions such as CRM, OEMS, PMS, RMS, clearing and settlement, accounting and data reconciliation, and asset transfer etc…The system has been testified by its clients to significantly improve operational efficiency and deliver high quality performance. 


ML Tech is a FinTech startup building the next-generation trading platform within the crypto asset space. ML Tech leverages cutting-edge AI solutions and allows researchers to produce new strategies at an industry-leading pace. Strategies can rely on their robust HFT capabilities to generate steady and consistent returns.