Partnership Announcement: 1Token partners with Copper

Partnership Announcement: 1Token partners with Copper

1Token Announces Strategic Partnership with Copper to Enhance Crypto Asset Management Efficiency and Security

1Token, a leading crypto-native investment management system provider based in Singapore and Shanghai, has partnered with Copper.Co, a leading institutional digital asset custodian. This collaboration is set to significantly improve operational efficiency and security for institutional clients focused on compliance.

Through this integration, 1Token’s advanced CAM (Crypto Asset Management) system coupled with Copper’s secure digital assets custody and off exchange service that ClearLoop provides, will enable clients with a seamless operational experience, optimized data processing speeds, enhanced security monitoring and real-time management of collateral and trade settlements across multiple exchanges.

ClearLoop unlocks new possibilities for institutional investors. With their digital assets kept under the secure custody of Copper, clients can delegate assets immediately, promoting capital efficiency by enabling investors to focus on their core investment strategies as well as capitalize on dynamic market opportunities. This unified approach minimizes potential counterparty risks associated with digital asset management, but also boosts capital efficiency by improving collateral mobility and reducing costs.

Damon Xu, Co-founder and CEO of 1Token, commented, "This partnership marks a significant milestone for both 1Token and Copper. It allows us to combine our strengths in technology and operations to provide a superior service offering in the digital assets ecosystem. We are thrilled to work together with Copper to deliver these enhancements to our mutual clients."

"I'm thrilled to announce our partnership with 1Token, a leading provider of crypto-native investment management systems. 1Token offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower institutions to effectively manage their digital asset portfolios. By leveraging 1Token's solutions alongside our secure custody at Copper, we're enabling a range of opportunities and efficiencies for our clients. This collaboration brings together two renowned thought leaders in the space . By encouraging best practice, enhanced security, enabling asset optimisation and capital efficiency we are collectively transforming institutional asset management and empowering investors to capitalise on the full potential of the digital asset market."

- Ben Lorente, Head of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at

About 1Token

1Token operates from major global financial centers including London, New York, and Singapore, managing over $20 billion for more than 50 clients worldwide. The CAM system provides real-time analytics and connectivity, supporting comprehensive operations from the front to the back office across both CeFi and DeFi platforms.

About Copper 

Since being founded in 2018, Copper has been building the standard for institutional digital asset infrastructure with a focus on custody and collateral management. Underpinned by multi-award-winning technology, Copper has built a comprehensive and secure suite of products and services required to safely custody and trade digital assets. At the core of Copper’s infrastructure is ClearLoop, which enables clients to manage collateral and settle trades across multiple exchanges, while mitigating counterparty risk and increasing capital efficiency. 

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